Buying a Country Pub, Part 3

Buying a Country Pub, Part 3 We had been warned about Dicks’ habit of drinking after hours and we duly fell by the wayside and joined our predecessors in long nights. Dick would bring an assortment of Visitors, Farmers, Horse Dealers, all sorts of people in late at night drinking vast amounts of Manns Brown… Read More »

Buying a Country Pub, Part 2

Buying a Country Pub, Part 2 Easter came and went, this was an ordeal by fire, the World and his Wife descended on us, we had no concept of what it would be like. If anyone suggests taking over a business before a Bank Holiday to enjoy the benefits, don’t ever do it, it is… Read More »

JG&Partners, Scotland:- Minimum Unit Price consultation

  Scotland:- Minimum Unit Price consultation Posted: 06 Dec 2017 01:00 AM PST The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on their proposal to impose a minimum price per unit of alcohol of 50 pence – details of which can be found here: ‘Improving Scotland’s Health: Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol’. A copy of the draft… Read More »

Business Debt Management

Business Debt Management Using Credit, Cash Flow and Manipulating your Debt, Tips Wise use of Credit and Debt Advice from Chris Wright at Twinpier It’s worth noting credit and its availability is often crucial to the success of most businesses, what any successful business uses credit for is to buy assets and expand. When used… Read More »

JG & Partners, Christmas Licensing Update

  Welcome to our Christmas Licensing Update This update is effectively our last before Christmas. We hope that you enjoy a prosperous but peaceful festive trade. This year, instead of dispatching Christmas cards we are making a charitable donation to two local charities we have been supporting of late  Amy’s Retreat and Roundabout. On the… Read More »

How to buy an Inn or Pub

  Pub essential advice on, How to buy an Inn or Pub, Bar or Bistro. The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub   “The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub” is available to buy as an Ebook through and their associated outlets worldwide, priced at $5.99 or UK currency equivalent about £3.78,… Read More »

Registered investment advisor???

Registered investment advisor If you would like to read the latest Industry News and Corporate Activity, please click on the following link, before 9.00 am for yesterdays News, click on the link after 9.00 am for latest Weekday’s News . How Do You Know He Is The Right Investment Advisor? Putting a significant amount… Read More »