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  • Propel
    Wise comments from an Industry Leader on Pub Co’s and the MRO At long last, some common sense from an industry leader on how a Pub Co can be run, taking advantage of the MRO and using the free of tie to the best advantage. Ted Kennedy – free-of-tie tenanted pubs work perfectly well: Industry veteran […] #
  • Information about how pubs, bars and other licensed premises are valued for non-domestic rates has been published by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). According to the VOA, this involves collecting details of rent, trading levels, and the premises’ location, type and services, and using this information to establish a ‘fair maintainable trade’ (FMT) value. FMT […] #
  • Making your Business compliant with current safety laws and requirements easily? Safesmart’s answer to the problem is the Smartlog4Hospitality. Our cloud based system is used by hotels, pubs, restaurants, inns and clubs across the UK. Smartlog4Hospitality makes the management of fire and health & safety quick, easy and inexpensive. The Smartlog platform puts all compliance […] #
  •   Super Strength and Competition Law – The Latest We periodically hear of council led initiatives for licensees not to sell so called “super strength” alcohol. In practice this tends to relate to off licences and to mean beers or similar with an ABV over 5% or thereabouts. Additionally, local press have found the stories […] #
  • Barrel-dregs 3
      Government Business Grants, the Election, the Conservatives, this is a must read. We have been in discussions with various Government Bodies over the last few weeks for possible Grants to develop a new business that we launched recently. Having been advised to target the Grant on employing staff and Capital Expenditure, both very much […] #
  • Propel
    Buy-one-get-one free bans work – or do they? by Paul Chase The health lobby are very concerned that things might be getting better in relation to alcohol consumption. By “better” they mean population levels of consumption falling. So they need to assert that if things are getting better, it is because of them, and in […] #
  • Propel
    Crowdcube raised £35.9m in 2014 – and grew investor community by 57,000 members: Crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has reported it helped 105 businesses raise £35.9 million in funding in 2014. This represents a 246% increase compared to 2013 and means Crowdcube maintains the title of UK’s largest equity crowdfunding site. In 2014, registered investors jumped from […] #
  • Beer Pump Handles
    Market Rent Option (MRO) and Small Brewers with further thoughts. Having met a number of small and micro brewers over the last week, it staggers me how few know anything about the MRO and the longer term effect on their business. Mainly because in their opinion it’s a Pub Co thing and their dealings with Pub […] #

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