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  • There is nothing worse than an air of uncertainty and planning ahead for both summer trade and for the formality of lease renewal is currently still anybody’s guess. Whilst it is hoped for the much-heralded ‘barbecue summer’, it is always a risk as to the certainty that it will actually happen. Gearing up for the […] #
  • New regulations proposed to prevent counterfeit PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Calls for an urgent revision of the European PPE Directive have resulted from an influx of “fake”, inferior Personal Protective Equipment, much of it coming from abroad. The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) has reported that there has been a distinct increase in the quantity, […] #

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  • USE, Landlords Dirty Tricks on unsuspecting Tenants. The latest Legislation in the Pub/Leisure Industry, has produced a considerable number of breaches of the Codes of Practice and others that fall outside the Codes of Practice, some that are common practice in commercial property. We wrote “The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub”, a number […] #
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    The MRO is a very hot topic at this moment of time, a number of companies are doing their best to find ways round it rather than accept it as a step forward for both Landlord and Tenant. Certain companies are refusing to agree to assign a lease or renew an existing lease, unless they agree […] #
  • Host of pub and bar operators adopt new cask e-learning programme: Cask Beer Uncovered, an e-learning programme that builds bar staff’s knowledge of cask beer, is already being actively promoted by 18 pub and bar operators including Stonegate Pub Company, which is rolling the programme out to about 500 of its top cask beer pubs. […] #
  • These are links from an American Wine Web Site, their information is interesting and may be helpful, they are certainly worth viewing. Americans love their wine, we drink it. We will keep adding the links as they come in. Find the best wines now LEARN ABOUT WINE GLASSES Check it out 8 Worst Wine Mistakes […] #
  • Pub Co takes back your Lease for it’s own use, what happens? Supposing your faithful Pub Co BDM comes waltzing in grinning from ear to ear, saying that your lease renewal will only be for five years, because the Pub Co want the property for their own use, to turn it into a Managed House. […] #
  • We ran an article about a change in the EU regulations on Debit Cards, they have been a lucrative rip off for some Card Companies for a long time, in some cases costing licensed businesses up to a thousand pounds a year, one that we talked to several thousands, naively assuming that being a customer […] #
  • How Private Medical Insurance works Why choose private medical insurance (PMI)? PMI is a good idea if you’re looking to skip the waiting lists. The UK is one of the few countries in the world that has a universal free health service. Why would anyone choose to pay privately for medical care? According to a […] #
  • A tale of woe and frustration for a departing Marstons Tenant We have been contacted by a lady licensee who ran a very good pub for Marston’s for 5½ years. She decided to hand the tenancy back, for personal reasons. She came to us for advice and we suggested that she should use both a […] #

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  • Personal injury lawyers probe Toby Carvery norovirus incident: Personal injury lawyers have got involved a suspected norovirus outbreak at a Toby Carvery pub and restaurant in Exeter. A hundred customers and staff fell ill at the Toby Carvery and hotel in Middlemoor in the run-up to Easter. The personal injury firm Irwin Mitchell said it […] #
  •                       MORGAN & CLARKE  FEBRUARY 2015 NEWSLETTER NO. 40, latest Property News Did you know that Britain now has more breweries per head of population than any other country in the world, including New Zealand, America and Germany, with a brewery for every 50,000 people?  This is as a result of the knock-on effect of […] #

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Following a number of situations that have arisen over the last six weeks with certain companies, regardless of the Governments actions to regulate and control these abuses, very little is being done until this legislation becomes law.
We would like to give all the readers of this website a complimentary membership to our main web site www.usenumberone.com with access to all our facilities and help, as individuals we have no status, but as a collective body, we might just be listened to and expose these unacceptable pracftices by certain companies.
Please click on JOIN USE link for Details.