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Latest view on Business, Property, Rates and Rents that may affect your Business

Latest view on Business, Property, Rates and Rents that may affect your Business How easy it is to be lulled into a false sense of optimism with the onset of what looked like a glorious spring at the beginning of May.   A number of our clients in coastal/seaside locations have been ruing the foul weather… Read More »

The Banks say they are willing to lend. Do you believe them?

 At the end of January, I read that the British Bankers’ Association said that banks were now willing to lend more to small businesses. BBA boss Anthony Browne claimed that the “banks are open for business.” This would appear to be good news to small businesses and entrepreneurs, and seems to suggest that things might… Read More »

How to boost Cash Flow and Profitability in difficult times

Protecting a business during difficult economic times requires both obvious and more subtle legal measures. This article looks at some easy steps businesses can take to boost cash-flow and profitability through more effective management of their customer relationships. Practical advice Request a payment in advance or staged payments – you may be surprised at the… Read More »

Howard & Co. Budget Newsletter, well worth reading

Budget Information Howard & Co., Chartered Accountants,, 01284 704363 Welcome… To our Budget newsletter. This newsletter aims to summarise the main measures that affect our clients. If you need further assistance just let us know. We are committed to ensuring all our clients don’t pay a penny more in tax than is necessary. Please… Read More »