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Would you buy a Pub Co Tied Lease? Not Likely, Read On. (Barrel Dregs)

  Would you buy a Pub Co Tied Lease? Not Likely, Read On. (Barrel Dregs) One of the biggest problems in the Pub Co Tied Lease Sector is that you have two factions in the Industry, you have Pub Co’s and all their supportive companies and so called specialists, the other faction are the lessees,… Read More »

Inland Revenue and Rates, (Barrel-dregs)

  Inland Revenue and Rates, (Barrel-dregs) I have had a number of discussions with the Inland Revenue Valuation Service, most have been successful apart from one, which the Valuer that I spoke to refused to meet me and discuss the problem and said his decision was final. The other Valuers were far higher up the… Read More »

Fleurets, have they finally Lost the Plot? Barrel-Dregs

Fleurets, have they finally Lost the Plot? Another from the Archives, updated. A funny Old World, you have an image of a national company as being totally honest, correct, above reproach, then something happens and you wonder what actually goes on behind the façade. I have always owned freehouses and the odd bit of commercial property,… Read More »

Pub Co, Licensees Horror Stories 1 (Barrel Dregs

Pub Co, Licensees Horror Stories 1 (Barrel Dregs) Please note, access to this site is totally free if you would like to subscribe (No Charge) on, they are free to be read for your guidance and aimed to help you get through a time of considerable pressure and demand. Barrel-Dregs has been run for… Read More »

FAQ’s for people thinking about buying any small Business

FAQ’s for people thinking about buying any small Business Banks FAQ’s for small businesses Buying a Pub or Restaurant, FAQ’s Buying New Equipment, FAQ’s Commercial Mortgages, FAQ’s Credit Card Machines (PDQ), FAQ’s Employment Law, FAQ’s Energy Comparison, FAQ’s FAQ’s, the lighter side, when talking to customers. Insurance, FAQ’s Legal FAQ’s, (Legal Aid, Civil, Criminal Law… Read More »

M&C, Latest view on the MRO and possible FAQ’s and other News

MORGAN & CLARKE JULY 2016 NEWSLETTER NO. 53 Pigeon House, The Broadway, Oakridge Lynch, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7NU Email: Phone: 01285 719292 (Also at: London, Cardiff, Braunton, Lewes) June has certainly been a month to remember, not only with the full publication of the Pubs’ Code, etc., Regulations 2016 with all of its… Read More »