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Independent and managed pubs are driving the sector, (Barrel-dregs)

Report from the Morning Advertiser Independent and managed pubs are driving the sector Well, well, well! The major Pub Co’s would appear to have lost the plot, this report confirms what the majority of the thinking members of the industry have realised for many years. Free of Tie and Managed Houses are the only pubs… Read More »

Pub Advisory Service – Going Free of Tie

Pub Advisory Service  –  Going Free of Tie   PAS SUPPORT Dear Tied Tenants/Lessees The Pubs Advisory Service represents tied tenants/lessees and has been actively engaging with the Government for many years as stakeholders. The Business Energy & Industrial Strategy department, introduced in 2016 a Market Rent Only option, a Pubs Code and a low-cost… Read More »

Pub Advisory Service, (PAS)

Pub Advisory Service, (PAS) Help provided for debt relief for publicans. They give advice and develop strategies on a wide range of debt and credit issues. They can act as your third party representative and negotiate on all aspects of debt including cards, loans, mortgages, utilities, unenforceability, bailiff actions and court processes. All types of… Read More »