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First Experiences of a Very Naive Pub Owner Part 6

A couple of hunting stories that I have just been reminded about. The first was at a particularly busy meet of the Exmoor Foxhounds at the pub. The hunting was not considered to be particularly good in our piece of Exmoor because of the raging East Lyn River and the very steep wooded slopes, consequently the pub was […]

Buying a Country Pub, Part 5

Country Pub 5 One of my regular locals owned a Guest House a mile up the valley from the Pub. He had semi retired from Leicester, moving down to Exmoor with a fairly recent Wife. She seemed determined to make her mark in the Guest House business whilst her Husband Paul was adopting a more […]

Buying a Country Pub, Part 4

Country Pub 4 The alterations were duly completed, with nicotine stained beams being erected everywhere and plaster work painted nicotine white to give that aged look. I actually found a beam with an old date carved into it which I put in a secondary position to make it look genuine rather than putting it in […]

Buying a Country Pub, Part 3

Country Pub 3 We had been warned about Dicks’ habit of drinking after hours and we duly fell by the wayside and joined our predecessors in long nights. Dick would bring an assortment of Visitors, Farmers, Horse Dealers, all sorts of people in late at night drinking vast amounts of Manns Brown and Haig Whiskey […]

Buying a Country Pub, Part 2

Country Pub 2 Easter came and went, this was an ordeal by fire, the World and his Wife descended on us, we had no concept of what it would be like. If anyone suggests taking over a business before a Bank Holiday to enjoy the benefits, don’t ever do it, it is the quickest way […]

Buying a Country Pub, Part 1

Country Pub 1 One of my major mistakes in life was to buy a West Country Pub, trying to explain to my wife why we were about to give up our beautiful house and the boredom of a nine to five job, to live beside a raging torrent of a river on Exmoor, in initially […]

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