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Beware of anyone calling or writing to you about something, that seems to good to be true.
They produce fresh scams by the fortnight across the country, always ask to call back, if the number is witheld, be very careful.

JG&Partners, The Licensing Officer Scam!

  The Licensing Officer Scam! Posted: 13 Feb 2018 09:00 AM PST Swale Council have recently written to their licensees to warn against a confidence trickster operating in their area. The scam involves a criminal attending the premises and posing as a Licensing Officer, demanding payment of the licence annual fee in cash. As with… Read More »

Is this a Pub Co mistake or how many genuinely know? (Barrel-Dregs)

Is this a Pub Co mistake or how many genuinely know? (Barrel-Dregs) Leave a reply The Old Chestnut, how much Real Ale can you sell in a barrel? In pre history, before the advent of the Pub Co’s. the old Family Brewers were in business to sell beer. They were considered to be honest pillars… Read More »

This months Scams, Energy, Broadband and Phones, (Barrel-dregs)

This months Scams, Energy, Broadband and Phones, (Barrel-dregs) Energy Scams Commercial energy The unscrupulous Energy Companies are desperate to tie any business or individual to a long term contract at a higher rate. Energy prices are falling with the recession and countries like Iran are back selling oil, they are all fighting to retain their… Read More »

Tescos Credit Card, possible Scam. (Barrel-Dregs 282)

Tescos Credit Card, possible Scam. (Barrel-Dregs 282) Please note, this appears to be yet another credit card Scam. Having spoken to Tescos Bank Security, they assured me that they would not send anything out like the following, if you do receive anything like this, please call the number on the back of your credit card for confirmation.… Read More »

Pub Co and Developers Dirty Tricks Department

Pub Co and Developers Dirty Tricks Department There is nothing legally wrong with a Pubco selling the freehold of a supply-tie leased pub to anyone that they choose.   Although there is a moral implication, there is no legal obligation that the freehold should first be offered to the lessee in occupation.   This understandably money-return based corporate… Read More »