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Stocktakers are they an Asset or Liability? Barrel-Dregs (347)

STOCKTAKERS-  When they can be an Asset or sometimes, through their errors, a Liability? Stocktakers are they of  value? I have detected a serious issue relating to the use of professional stocktakers that needs to be aired. While many publicans may baulk at the cost of a regular stocktaking exercise, its value could be to:… Read More »

Officious Power Companies (N Power) and ineffective Ombudsmen, Barrel Dregs

Officious Power Companies (N Power) and ineffective Ombudsmen   About seven years ago I bought another freehouse in Taunton, in need of restoration as usual and a good uplift. I took on a young chef who had recently left another pub on the outskirts of Taunton which had changed hands a couple of months after… Read More »