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The farce of the present use of FMT or should we say Unfair Maintainable Trade

My apologies for running this article  again with some amendments, following a request by people involved in identifying discrepancies in the system, it has also been put on the MA Forum. The RICS are well aware that the industry has been infected with many abuses of their system and by the use of comparables this… Read More »

Is there a similarity to certain companies in the Licensed Industry? I hope not.

This is a copy of a publication in the USA on Pyramid Selling, it is worth reading any similarity to any UK businesses is coincidental. Study of Ten Major MLMs and Amway/Quixtar Show Huge Consumer Losses and Pyramid Recruitment June, 2008 A statistical analysis of income disclosures made by 10 major multi-level marketing (MLM) companies… Read More »