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ALMR, calls for Pubs to be free to operate responsibly and profitably

ALMR calls for “Pubs to be free to operate responsibly and profitably” The ALMR held its 19th annual meeting and Business Day at the Stationers Hall in the City today. At a packed meeting of leading operators, the key suppliers and their guests heard from Tim Sykes, Chairman who said,  “The Association will continue to… Read More »

Barrel Dregs, Beer Discounts and the Tie, a possible solution (43)

Beer Discounts and the Tie When I first bought a freehouse, discounts were never more than 5% to a sole operator. In fact discounts had very little financial relevance to your business, they were a perk, your greatest perks were non financial benefits from the brewer i.e. glasses, garden furniture etc. All pubs were competitive,… Read More »

Maitland Walker, over zealous Police interpretation of supplying free water

Maitland Walker, over zealous Police interpretation of supplying free water Just two weeks after the  three new mandatory codes were added to all on-licensed Premises Licences in England and Wales, word reaches us of some strange, and some might argue, over-zealous interpretations of the new conditions. In particular, the new mandatory condition requiring licensees to:… Read More »

Poppleston Allen, will the ash cloud cause an eruption of employment claims?

Will the ash cloud result in an eruption of employment tribunal claims? With thousands of people having been stranded in foreign lands due to the Icelandic volcano, unable to return to work from their holidays. I have been asked where both employers and employees stand in relation to these absences from their place of work.… Read More »

Poppleston Allen, would your staff pass a Test Purchase?

 Are you confident your staff would pass a Test Purchase? Date: 15/04/2010 Source: Poppleston Allen Author/Solicitor: Nick Walton The dog days of the current Parliament have been and gone. As expected, the Mandatory Conditions made their way onto the Statute book but continue to create confusion. The Guidance, published by the Home Office was removed… Read More »

An Interesting Debate over Rates, essential reading. (42)

BII Rating Road Show, Yate 8th April The BII had a Rating Road Show, unfortunately it had a limited attendance for such an important issue. The show was hosted by Michael Yass, Fleuret’s leading Rating Valuer with a learned colleague from the Inland Revenue Valuation Office. Michael Yass opened with a brief introduction to the… Read More »