Monthly Archives: May 2010

Barrel Dregs, this is the real bottom of the barrel, so much for COP’s (49)

…….Pot Boy stumbled on a proper horror story today,that ruffled his otherwise unshakable faith in human nature. The case is the subject of Court action for all sorts of issues stemming from massive over renting and a total horlicks of  resulting concessionary rental negotiations. Not wishing to compromise things too much for the moment, identities,… Read More »

Barrel Dregs, Codes of Practice an obvious question? (48)

Pub Co Codes of Practice an obvious question? The Pub co’s are happily drafting out their individual COP’s some backed by an array of Legal Eagles, smiling happily at another nail hammered into the tenant rabbles coffin of penury. The Legal Eagles beaming at the fees generated at every loophole blocked that escaped in the old inherited leases,… Read More »

ALMR has slammed Tesco’s hypocrisy on low cost Alcohol

  ALMR SLAMS TESCO HYPOCRISY Date: Friday 21st May 2010 The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers has slammed Tesco’s hypocrisy today in welcoming a ban on below cost selling of alcohol whilst continuing with the practice in store. In an exclusive interview with the BBC today, Tesco’s Director of Corporate Affairs said the supermarket chain wanted… Read More »