Monthly Archives: October 2011

CPL Training Ltd, E-learning course launch – Bar Excellence Programme

Bar Excellence Programme The Marque of Excellence Eyes in the back of our heads would be great, but a solid and thorough training course for new bar staff runs a close second. CPL Training, in partnership with Cask Marque, the champions of quality cask ale, has launched a new e-learning package, the Bar Excellence Programme,… Read More »

Robert Sayles, answer to the BII Pre Entry Exam, Barrel-dregs (209)

Pub Tenants Pre Entry Questionaire Are you a lamb to the slaughter? Neil Robertson recently stated that the prospect of naive new tenants entering the trade was a major source of concern. With this in mind I’ve devised a questionnaire so that those thinking about entering the trade can gauge whether or not they fully understand… Read More »

Pot Boy has Admiral Taverns in his sights, Barrel-Dregs (208)

Admiral Taverns, and we all thought they were improving??? Pot Boy South is becoming more alarmed than before at the attitude of Admiral Taverns to keeping their ‘business partners’ well and truly alive. Admiral are the supposedly touchy feely good guys of the Pubco morass but they seem to have a major problem with product discounting, especially… Read More »