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USE, a new Information Site

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USE Number One,  All small businesses struggle for reliable information and sources of information, mainly because they don’t have the time or reliable contacts.

For the last few years we have been providing information for the many small businesses in trouble, and general advice using a number of professional volunteers, who gave their services free. MORE

Licensed Hospitality Key to Economic Growth

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Licensed hospitality key to economic growth, says ALMR

The latest official figures show that licensed hospitality is driving economic growth in the UK as the industry bucked nationwide pay stagnation to deliver 10 months of wage growth and continuing increases in Gross Value Added (GVA). Licensed hospitality trade body the ALMR said the statistics demonstrated the sector’s increasing economic importance and called on the Government to help ensure its ability to invest in people is not hindered in the crucial months ahead. MORE

Punch unveil the terms of its debt restructuring proposals

Punch unveil the terms of its debt restructuring proposals, to-day.

In a statement, Punch said it is recommending that shareholders and noteholders vote in favour of the proposals at meetings scheduled for September. The pub operator said that it has the support of stakeholders that in aggregate own or control about 65% of the notes across the Punch A and Punch B securitisations, as well as about 54% of its equity share capital. MORE

Latest Licensing and Gambling Updates from JG & Partners

JG & Partners


Latest Licensing and Gambling Updates from JG & Partners

Scotland – Alcohol Focus Scotland – Review of Statements of Licensing Policy

Posted: 14 Aug 2014 05:00 PM PDT

Alcohol Focus Scotland (AFS), Scotland’s national alcohol charity, (whose published aim is “Reduce Harm caused by Alcohol”) has published a report analysing Licensing Board Policies in Scotland. AFS analysed the 25 policies and comments that in some areas, policy statements for 2013 to 2016 show notable progression and development from those published in 2010. More

Food Standards Agency, latest EU Regulations on Allergens.


Food Standards

Food Standards Agency, latest EU Regulations on Allergens.

This is a potential nightmare for all Caterers, big or small, you need to study the information put out by the Food Standards Agency.

The regulations come into force on 13th December 2014.

Any business serving food has to provide information on allegenic ingredients, either verbally or in writing.

This in itself will lead to many disputes, without a reliable witness, verbal information will always be contested by any “No Win, No fee” lawyer. More

Click on “More” above for further details and links to the relevant Food Standards Agency sections on their web site.