PAS, formally lodging your MRO Notice

By | August 19, 2016

Pub Advisory Service and the MRO.

This information is for your guidance and we would advise you to contact Chris at PAS.

In order to clarify how to formally lodge your MRO notice it must be served on your Pub Owning Business (POB) in accordance with regulation 23 of the Pubs Code link here >

Your request must contain the following:
(a) Your name, postal address, email address (if any) and telephone number;
(b) the date on which the notice is being sent;
(c) the name of the tied pub in relation to the which the request for an offer of a market rent only option is being made and its address;
(d) the date on which the MRO event occurred; and
(e) a description of that event which in your opinion, demonstrates that it is a MRO event as specified in regulations 24 to 27 of the Pubs Code

Note any request must be received by the POB by no later than the period of 21 days beginning with the day on which the MRO ‘trigger’ event occurred.

Given there is currently a major problem over the POB’s not supplying all the paperwork required under the code schedules (see schedules 1&2) we still don’t have any firm reply from the PCA as to what members are expected to do when faced with being sent partial or incomplete offers, does it effect the timetable for responding etc etc. For now if you have been sent an incomplete offer by your POB we suggest you simply ask for MRO using the above template cite that the assessment they have sent is not compliant with the code as it is incomplete/missing information and send a complaint to the PCA office stating the the POB has failed to give you the information as directed under the code and you want them to investigate the breach / lack of information.

If you need us to help draft the template then drop us a line, please note it does take quite sometime to help on a case by case basis as there are subtle differences so please understand that we will need to charge for help with drafting.



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