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By | March 4, 2017

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Welcome to the March licensing update

Another month passes; another monthly update.

We would particularly draw your attention to our further reminder on the Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme which goes live on 1 April.

Also our new CSE Awareness/Avoidance leaflet can be accessed below. We know of a number of operators who are looking to use the National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day on 18 March 2017 as a trigger to engage with staff around this difficult issue. The aim of the day is to highlight the issues surrounding CSE by encouraging everyone to ‘think, spot and speak out against abuse’ and adopt a zero tolerance to abusive and inappropriate behaviour/relationships.

British Summer Time (and Easter) – be aware and be prepared! 

British Summer Time (BST) (or more properly Daylight Saving Time) starts at 1.00am Sunday 26 March 2017 when 1.00am immediately becomes 2.00am. If you are proposing and are able to trade beyond 1.00am, you need to be aware and have hopefully the position covered off either in your premises licence or have given a Temporary Event Notice in respect of the same.Read more here

Child Sex Exploitation (CSE) Avoidance – a brief

This is an area of increasing concern for society – but also for the leisure and hospitality industry in particular. We are seeing increased attention (including ‘test purchasing’) being given to operators by the authorities who expect robust avoidance due diligence measures to have been adopted and in place. Some operators are alert to and aware of this, others less so.

We have produced a briefing document on CSE avoidance and associated concerns and a copy is freely available here.

As mentioned above the National CSE Awareness Day on 18 March 2017. For more detail see

Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) – reminder

No apologies for mentioning this again. The scheme has been introduced by the Government to try and tackle alcohol fraud. If you sell alcohol to another business, the probability is that you should already have registered under AWRS. From 1 April 2017, if you buy alcohol to sell from a UK wholesaler, you will need to check that whoever you buy from has registered with HMRC and has an AWRS Unique Reference Number (URN). If you buy alcohol from a non-registered wholesaler when they should be approved and registered with HMRC, you may be liable to a criminal or civil penalty and your alcohol may be seized. Trade buyers will be able to use an online look-up service of approved wholesalers to check that the wholesalers they buy from are registered. This will be available from April 2017. Time to be putting systems in place perhaps.Read more here

Policing & Crime Act 2017 – Licensing Provisions to come into force 

Following conversations with the Home Office we can confirm that with the exception of the provisions on cumulative impact and the late night levy (LNL), the licensing provisions in part 7 of this Act will commence on 6 April 2017. Matters coming into force include clarification concerning expedited Reviews and the status of interim measures and the ability for a Licensing Authority to suspend or revoke personal licences (following convictions for relevant offences).Read more here

Cheltenham first Council to reverse LNL

Cheltenham Council have decided to abolish the Late Night Levy (LNL) which they had adopted in 2014.Read more now

New £1.00 coin is due in March – reminder 

As previously reported, a new £1.00 12 sided bimetallic coin is planned to be introduced in March. The Government has been encouraging industry to prepare for this and a Treasury website dedicated to such preparation and with further detail can be found here: All machines which accept cash for example will need updating and it is intended that after a 6 month transition period, the existing £1.00 coin will be phased out.Read more here

Local Alcohol Action Areas (LAAA) phase 2 announced 

The Home Office has just released the list of the 33 regions comprising the second phase of the Local Alcohol Action Areas (LAAA) programme.

On 27 January the Home Office launched a new phase of the programme to tackle alcohol-related crime and health harms and create a more diverse night-time economy. The programme initially launched in February 2014 covering 20 areas.Read more here

Taxis – Access for wheelchair users to taxis and PHVs 

On the 6 April 2017 it will become a criminal offence for drivers of designated taxi and private hire vehicles to refuse to carry passengers in wheelchairs, to fail to provide them with appropriate assistance, or to charge them extra. Guidance on the implementation of this new law has been published.Read more here

Gambling – Advertising and its regulation in Great Britain- briefing paper 

A Commons Library briefing paper has been issued looking at the regulation of gambling advertising in Great Britain, providing a useful overview of the regulation in this area. Gambling and betting operators advertising to British customers must comply with the Advertising Codes administered by the Advertising Standards Authority.Read more here

Gambling – Betting shops: licensing requirements – briefing paper 

LThis Commons Library briefing paper, just released, looks at the licences needed by betting shops – and also provides a useful overview of the law in this area.

It can be found here – ‘Betting shops: licensing requirementsRead more here

Gambling – Commission service levels 

The Gambling Commission has published details of the service levels to which they will seek to adhere.

And finally…

Team JG&P had a great time at the Sheffield Best Bar None Awards, with Partner Tim Shield presenting the award for best chain to JD Weatherspoons’ Benjamin Huntsman.

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