Form 696 to be scrapped

By | November 15, 2017

Form 696 to be scrapped

The Metropolitan Police have said that they are stopping the use of Form 696 and, instead, has said that it will use a voluntary partnership approach.  The form had originally been introduced in 2005, and had come under criticism because of the way in which it focused on certain sectors within the music industry.

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Form 696 is a risk assessment form which the London Metropolitan Police requests promoters and licensees of events to complete and submit 14 days in advance of an event in 21 London boroughs. Non compliance with this may result in police opposition to event licences being granted.[1] This form has become controversial due to its stipulation that names, stage names, private addresses, and phone numbers of all promoters, DJs and artists be listed. The form also asks for a description of the style of music to be performed and the target audience.[2] The original form asked for details of ethnic groups likely to attend the performance, but that version was revised to omit those parameters in December 2008.[3] In November 2017, the Met Police announced that following a review of how the form was being used it was to be scrapped.[4]

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