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By | June 27, 2009

Enterprise fined a lessee for buying out and deducted the fine and their alleged other costs from their D.D.

This was deemed in breach of the banking code and the money was replaced by the Bank in question.

An interesting point, if Brulines information is used for fining or eviction by a Pub Co and assumed to be correct by the Pub Co to justify legal action for eviction.

Surely it would be correct to use the Brulines data to check the figures used to calculate the FMT and rents, if found to be totally incorrect, the Pub Co should be fined, the lessee reimbursed and the Surveyor or  BDM responsible sacked.

The argument that Brulines data only relates to beer sales and therefore would not produce a reasonably accurate turnover frigure is a spurious one since any good stocktaker would easily work out a far more accurate forecast than the present system used by Surveyors.

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