Barrel Dregs, no names are mentioned yet a Pub Co identified itself immediately????? (50)

By | May 27, 2010

Seems that Pot Boy touched a raw nerve with his “horror story” of yesterday.

One of his moles, very highly placed in a particular Pubco, tells him that one or two people were, as the mole put it, “throwing their toys out of the pram”.

Apparently, what Pot Boy was told (and first hand at that) could not have possibly have happened, dear me no !

Nice to know the powers that be, have a gander at Pot Boy and his mutterings.

From the same source, it seems the Pubcos are far from happy bunnies at not getting it all their own way with the fiddling around with the regulations at the RICS.

Pot Boy remembers full well that the great and the good in the entire pub industry, yes the whole kit and caboodle, guided by the BISC enquiry in March 2010,are waiting with baited breath on the white smoke, not the black smoke coming up from the RICS chimney.

The BBPA,  the BII, FLVA, IPC and he thinks maybe the ALMR are all saying that they will abide by the RICS rule changes, which from memory should have been published by now, ie; the end of May.

Well no dice, some are alleging that the Pubcos are scared witless perhaps that if the double six does come up against them, they will be shown up as the rule benders in chief.

Moley says that the arch fiddlers of the system will do anything to preserve their toxic debt mountains from crumbling.

Lots at stake apparently and Pot Boy’s mole is keeping his head well below the parapet to be able to come up with some more and specific goodies in the near future.

Pot Boy cannot see the industry sitting on its hands while the RICS endlessly debate some simple rule changes or whatever.

There must be squillions at risk if the Pubco in question is getting as jumpy as all that.

Will the corridors of Pubco power be running with blood rather than beer.

Well OK, not beer because they do not make the stuff, and for that matter do not even soil their hands with its delivery.

Just take an obscene rake off.

Nothing changes in the jungle.

Good job the cellar hatch was open.

Amazing what you hear from the most impeccable of sources.

Pot Boy……..


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