Rob May ducks out of facing BISC, Barrel-Dregs (188)

By | July 4, 2011


Pot Boy took the trouble to toddle over to Westminster to attend the BISC hearing last week. All good stuff with Phil Dixon and Neil Robertson (BII) doing their stuff to a greater or lesser degree in the first session. Garry Mallen and David Rusholme (RICS) were in the second session. Well dear readers, and referring back to Barrel dregs 184, guess who copped out of the whole affair for reasons totally unexplained, the good ol’ Prince of Pubco Darkness,Rob May. He never turned up to the second session !!

The Chairman was suitably scathing and stated the an appropriate inference would be drawn from the “no show”. Problem is that this cowardly cop out leaves in thin air a number of key questions that should have been clearly answered by the very gaffer that once sat as Chairman of the pubs regulatiions committee in the inner web of the RICS. Same bloke who has supposedly passed on all of the new RICS regs to his minions and who should be overseeing full compliance. Fat chance, when the very man, so Pot Boy is constantly told, is twisting the same regulations like a piece of grubby twine to get the best he can for good ‘ol Uncle Ted.

Now look at it this way, the questions would have been searching and personal. So much so, either the RICS would have come down like a ton of bricks or he could have lost his job.Talk about rock and a hard place. No flipping wonder he copped a sickky!! COWARD !! So we will always be none the wiser as to why Enterprise deliberately flout the BBPA and the RICS. Why Enterprise account for about half of all the complaints to the BII about abuses of the Enterprise Code of Practice. (All swept under the carpet and nothing done !). Why Enterprise rent assessment calculations ignore as far as they can,the understanding of what really is the Reasonably Efficient Operator. On that point PB is told that if the assumed level of trade is higher than sales being achieved, then Enterprise, or any other Pubco for that matter, have to prove WHY the guy in the pub is not a Reasonably Efficient Operator. Well, they completely ignore all of that and tell you “you are just not competent “. Nice!

Yes Rob May has weasled out of all of that and kept his job and not had his knuckles rapped by the RICS. Very devious and slippery. But then again he has got form. When he was Chairman of the RICS Trade Related Valuation Group, he deliberately hid the fact that at the same time he was National Rent Controller of Enterprise and he and the RICS styled him as “Pub Expert”. The blatant conflict of interest was allowed and he got away with it. Scott free, just like ignoring the Parliamentary summons to turn up last week. All very dodgy and not too professional. No wonder that Uncle Ted won’t make him a Board Member. He’s just too slippery. Its the way he is programmed and PB bets that those above him, whilst grateful for his unstinting loyalty to the good ship Enterprise, know him for what he is. Not that difficult to figure.

PB will be first in line this week to attend the last sessions of the BISC. Like last week PB will have his pencil well sharpened for the “best show in town “.

Pip Pip !

Pot Boy.

Note:-Rob May was one of the most influential members of the RICS in implementing the rental system for the Pub Co Model, which the RICS have now pretty well rectified, his failure to account for his influence and actions raises many questions, which many people would dearly like to know, whether he was pulling the strings or his masters were, either way his credibility is seriously in question without some very good reasons for his non attendence.

There are no excuses that will satisfy the majority of the industry.


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