Rent Reviews (Pubs, Restaurants and other Commercial Property)

By | August 25, 2011

Rent Reviews, Pubs and Restaurants.

If you are due for a rent review at any time in the coming year, please contact us at,  you need expert and knowledgeable advice since the RICS Valuation Guide Lines have changed for the better.

Certain companies are still trying to enforce many of the aspects of the old Guide Lines where they can and many tenants and lessees without having an in depth knowledge on the new Guide Lines are being caught out or will be caught out, having another five years of an unsustainable rent is not the answer.

Many recent settlements have resulted in realistic viable rents at long last.

We have several surveyors who will talk to you and explain your options and possibilities, we would like to stress that they have not worked for Pub Co’s who have used the now discredited Pub Co Model.

We would also like to point out that it is vital to act early and ensure that you meet all of your lease rent review requirements, we have too many calls from people that have left it too late.


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