BII has finally hit rock bottom and lost the plot, Barrel Dregs (219)

By | December 18, 2011

BII finally sheds it’s last vestige of being a Professional Body.

My sources in the BII are very concerned about the direction that the BII has now taken.

Well to some of us it was totally predictable, ever since Grant became Chairman the direction has always been away from a members organisation to one aligning with the Pub Co’s.

To be fair aligning with pub owning companies is not a bad thing, but this obsession with using ex Pub Co rejects in prime BII positions, that have come from the worst Pub Co’s featured in the BISC’s Inquiries and the ones pillloried in the National Press, is sheer stupidity and a very unsubtle cover to raise these companies credibility  in respect of the BISC’s, and a hollow attempt to endorse their obscene activities in ruining honest people and many now ex BII members.

Under Grant the BII have foregone their independent position as a professional body, they are no longer a genuine members organisation raising professional standards in the industry, that statement has finally become window dressing to impress gullible politicians, Ed Davey springs to mind.

The aim of the BII originally was an independent members body to be respected in the Industry, the development of basic qualifications aided these aims, but to have qualifications, standards had to be established and checked to have any value, which they always were with considerable effort by well informed members.

These have now been quietly forgotten, deals with the questionable pub owning companies and others have been done and membership is automatic, paid for by the company, be assured the bill as always will be part of the new licensees initial costs as always, nothing changes, only the wording.

These people are made members over the phone, no checks on standards or ability, they are numbers to give the BII and in turn the Pub Co’s credibility to get the BISC off their backs.

Bought members have little knowledge of the BII and the majority do not renew, unless the company pays for successive years, in many cases unlikely.

The enormous Churn of licensees within these questionable companies ensures an ever changing membership, where a few might keep up their membership, the majority do not.

John McNamara came in as CEO, a very nice guy, but totally out of touch with the industries undesirable activities by the ungodly Pub Co’s, he even told our learned Barfly that Punch Taverns were rock solid, when anyone with an iota of knowledge of the Industry knew that their debt mountain exceeded their assets by an obscene amount, he was allegedly given a discreet nudge to go.

To be replaced by “Young Arthur” (Neil Robertson), complete Cannon Fodder, young eager and a very smart guy, but knew nothing about the real nasties below the surface of the Industry.

You don’t expect that sort of thing with a supposedly independent Professional Body, to coin a phrase, the BII had already got a firm grasp of certain undesirable Pub Co’s Shillings, in their almost total dependence on qualification revenue.

The lure of revenue overcame being independent and the untouchable arbiter in disputes, the BII is now in many people’s eyes a subsidiary of the BBPA, who are now wholly controlled by the very Pub Co’s under continual scrutiny and condemnation by successive BISC’s, Grant was a good appointment or plant in the BII if you’re Enterprise Inns or Punch Taverns  etc.

However Young Arthur has seen the light is leaving at high speed, a very smart move for a man with principles.

Meanwhile, Thomas, Grants Hatchet Man has produced this report merging many of the Regions, giving members very little chance to air their views, thoughts and concerns, a few did at Regional functions, he is very generously taking over as CEO until a replacement can be found?????

But the main aim is to remove the old school who believed in an independent members body, they do not suit the now BII paymasters, reading this, it sounds like Putin and Russia.

Alec Roud would have been furious, Martin O’Grady, another notable, is not a happy man and a number of other founders and long term senior members equally so, many having worked for years to try and make the BII a respected body, to see it all go down the Pub Co pan because of poor leadership.

Depending on your view point, it’s a success for Enterprise, Punch, Admiral etc.

The BII under Young Arthur (Laughing Policeman) was asked by the BISC to  Police the Industry, with little or no effect, without legislation it would be impossible and possibly costly for the BII.

Now we have an ever bigger farce the Government is relying on the BIIBAC Codes to control the Industry, fat chance the BBPA lauds the praises on their errant Pub Co’s and paymasters and sweep any complaints under the carpet, if they get past the first set of Buffers, the BII, or should I say Duffers.

Now with the BII being run by ex Pub Co cast offs, no complaint will have any chance of seeing the light of day.

The Ombudsman, if there ever is one, will under PICAS, tell them to stand on the naughty boys step and snatch away their accreditation, so there.

Not that the accreditation is worth the paper that it is written on, it’s not even a Paper Tiger but a Paper Poodle with no teeth.

An interesting question, how many alleged regional Chairman or Directors of the BII enjoyed rents reductions of up to 50% and which of these people lost an eye-watering amount on a Pub Co lease in two years and got a massive F & F settlement from their Pub Co, that even our source in the Pub Co said it was more than his job was worth to reveal the exact amount, we do know because the person involved boasted about it after a few beers and then tried to deny it in the cold light of day. His comment initially was that, “A Pub Co could not be seen to have a Director of the BII lose that sort of money on a pub lease”, they were after all, very rare, valuable, antique Fixtures and Fittings???????

One thing is certain to anyone seriously involved with the BII and the Industry, the Pub Co’s need the endorsement of a credible BII far more than the BII needs any  connection with a Pub Co under a BISC scrutiny, infiltrating the BII with Pub Co cast offs and threats of withdrawing qualification support should not influence ANY Proferssional Body in an industry, otherwise the Body has no credibility or standing in the industries eyes, you cannot buy respect, it has to be earned, this has been diminishing since Grant took over and has finally been lost.

Bring back the old members with professional pride and integrity, send anyone who has been employed by any Pub Co. under scrutiny by the last two BISC’s packing, or enjoyed Pub Co benefits over and beyond that which normal members would get, let’s clean up the BII and get its integrity and respect back, or maybe not bother, it’s probably way too late.


The views expressed are not necessarily the editors and accepts no responsibility for them, we do try to avoid offensive or litigious statements being made. They are written by concerned professionals in the industry who feel that these issues should be raised to ensure that all licensees are made fully aware of many hidden pitfalls.


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