How low will the BII go to get a YES vote at the AGM, Barrel-Dregs (249)

By | May 2, 2012

BII Membership and the BII AGM?????


I have been a member of the BII for twenty plus years, worked as a Consultant for them for thirteen years looking after membership in various regions of the country, served on four Regional Councils, gave hundreds if not thousands of hours of unpaid work for them dealing with stressed members and regional activity, wrote a mass of useful information for them, gave them free access to all the information on, and in the early years brought more good long term members in than anyone else.

Guess what, I receive a phone call at 9.10 this morning telling me that my membership expired yesterday, if I don’t renew it, my proxy vote will be rejected.

The BII have sunk to even further depths of desperation in trying to remove the NO vote, how many Yes proxy voters did they call?

Very few I would think, then not everyones membership expires at the same time, normally they give you a months grace and the whole thing is casual and accommodating to suit the member, not with the present crew, no stone unturned to get their wicked way.

Admiral Grant and Captain Thomas of the Good Ship BII (see Barrel-Dregs No. 232) have totally lost their marbles to finally lose all credibility to become a subsiduary of the Pub Co’s whose senior members they aspire to being on the BII board.

The BII should be a neutral independent body to supervise the industry with members interests paramount, buying Pub Co members without any checks of ability makes a farce of the BII being a professional body, down grades members status and does not provide long term members.

The Pub Co’s want the BII to legitimize their activities and circumvent compulsory legislation.

How low and gullible has the BII gone, under a Chairman who should have been kicked into touch as soon as membership declined.

I will not be renewing my membership unless the Chairman goes and the organisation returns to being a truly professional independent, neutral body.

As I have said before, the BII does not need the worst Pub Co’s featured in the BISC Inquiries, the Pub Co’s do need the BII, but on the BII’s terms, if they have the ability to stand up and back their demands, they certainly won’t under Grant or Thomas on the present showing.

Nigel Wakefield as of yesterday ex CBII

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