How much of your Net Profit is being given to your Energy Supplier?

By | February 2, 2013

I normally only publish an article once and it goes into the Archives and gets read occasionally by our regular readers,

But I have become very aware of the amount of people being ripped off by the energy companies tactics, perfectly legal, but morally unacceptable.

I have suffered several times to my cost, and my reason for repeat publishing is that a considerable number of new readers are new to business and if my efforts help one person, then that’s a success.

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I am like everyone else in the industry, too trusting and too busy to look into energy costs, in fact I am sick to death of companies ringing me up and telling me I am paying too much, until the other day when a solicitor phoned me about a client and I discovered that I was being shafted by the company that I had gone over to a year ago.

One of the most uncontrollable aspects of any business these days are spiralling energy costs, they have to be controlled, watched and monitored as frequently as possible.

You can no longer rely on your old gas and electricity suppliers to automatically bring you up to date with the most economic rates, it’s a dog eat dog world out there they are all fighting for your business, once they have got it they rely on your apathy or business pressures to stay with them and suffer all the increases without question, because you thought you had the best deal.

Sadly I speak from experience, they are not dishonest, you’re at fault for not keeping tabs on the spiralling costs and switching suppliers.

Too many times I have left it until next year, £5 per week, £10 per week and upwards, in many cases £40 per week, that’s net profit going out of the window or even more bluntly £20K of your turnover wasted.

You need a company that negotiates an annual deal, in fact starts negotiating for next year after eight months of your present agreement.

Do you have the time, or can you remember to start tearing into all the differing rates at eight months, when you are working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, the last thing that you need is digging into the energy jungle, it’s a minefield?

If your current supplier, gets wind of you changing, the phone never stops ringing, first they want a full security check to ensure that they are talking to the right person, then the promises come rushing out. I have just had all this, two weeks later they told me all the prices had gone up.

I am now consulting an energy advice company, amazingly I can change suppliers, they told me that I was locked in for another year, it would appear the law has changed, but that’s in the small print.

A solicitor phoned me, his client was locked into a monthly DD for £600 per month, which was £150 over the top, the company refused to change the DD and he was locked in for another year, I had the same nonsense, they were trying to increase my DD to way over my monthly bill in the middle of the Winter, they want your money.

A number of times in my various businesses I have been overcharged by energy companies, it nearly always takes up to three months to get it refunded, you are nearly always a departed customer so you are very low on the list to be paid, in my experience.

On shortcomings by energy companies, beware of installing new meters, always recordthe initial reading, I have had two glorious arguments, where they have installed used meters in my businesses and claimed that the meters were at zero, the installer failed to check the reading, fortunately I had written the details on the wall and dated it, in addition to putting it on file.

Can you afford to waste hours sorting this sort of aggravation out, I know I can’t, a decent commercial energy advisor costs nothing, reviews your account at eight months at no cost to you and ensures that the lowest energy costs are paid by you. If you have any problems you have someone looking after your interests.

This is not a commercial but advice on getting more net profit out of your business, I am a client of Utilities Direct and I have found them extremely knowledgeable, excellent for service and well worth talking to.


Contact Utilities Direct on 0161 945 5288 or and ask for Aidan or Anthony who will make you realise that you don’t need to struggle with these companies. or

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