Have EI finally seen the light, (Barrel-Dregs 273)

By | November 5, 2015

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Have EI finally seen the light, is it going to take an intervention by the local MP to reverse their supposed policy of only short lease renewals, which would appear to breach the Landlord and Tenant Act as it stands at this moment of time.

The talk of having thousands of Managed Houses in a flat market, by all means have a few very good Managed Houses, with a very polished theme and then develop it. MORE

2 thoughts on “Have EI finally seen the light, (Barrel-Dregs 273)

  1. alan waters

    Do I not think EI have seen the light as I am an 11year lessee,that has spent over £275,000 building on and making it a more tradeable building EI has taken over £2,500000 on a fully repairing lease and as I had the ordasity to put in for a lowered wich was calculated by industry specialist im informed that unless I accept an increase and sign before the MRO comes into effect I will be thrown out come oct 2016 and my business will be turned into a managed house, HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY HAPPEN….

    1. Editor Post author

      Hi Alan,
      Apologies for not getting back to you before, I have been in hospital.
      EI are running scared of the new legislation and trying to get a change to the Landlord and Tenant Act.
      But if you would like to contact Chris Wright at Twinpier (01825 830422), if you don’t talk to him leave a message to get back to you and say Nigel told you to contact him.
      He is well in the forefront of negotiations with the Government, have a look at this link it may give you some guidance. http://www.usenumberone.com/market-rent-only-option-and-parallel-rent-assessments-qas-from-mroas/
      If I can be of any further help email me at nigel@usenumberone.com.
      Tread carefully,


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