Pensioner Rip Offs, Energy and other Contracts (Barrel-Dregs)

By | February 22, 2016

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Pensioner Rip Offs, Energy and other Contracts (Barrel-Dregs)

You may not think this applies to you personally, but sadly it does, you may not be 55 or over, but they are targeting your older customers, your parents, relations and mature friends and if you are over 55 you personally. They all know the older you get, the less likely you are to complain or stop their antics. I was hit with a 40% increase on my Energy DD, I am now paying 60% less with another company, EON and Age UK were exposed on a similar cosy deal worth millions.

Having reached mature years with my brain and body still working reasonably well, I became aware of a substantial increase in phishing calls and a battery of emails from my existing suppliers to change my contracts for everything that was or is on a contract, even ones that have only been running for a couple of months.

My experiences over the last fifteen months are unbelievable and certainly illegal over the last five months and amount to fraud.

The big Con with Commercial Energy is that, if you do not negotiate a new rate before the end of your contract they can put you on a deemed rate, which is whatever rate they decide on and you’re locked into it for another year.

A solicitor called me a few years ago, a client of his had his monthly DD increased by 400% and there was absolutely nothing he could do except change his business name or sell the business, a complaint to the Ombudsman was useless, because it was technically legal!!!!

The Government did step in and stop the same sharp practice with residential property, but not commercial, though I heard at a Trade Show yesterday they are supposedly bringing in legislation to make these activities illegal, when is the big question?

Back to your older customers and Pensioner Rip Offs and yourself, if you are of mature years.

Every time that you start a new contract or switch suppliers, they always ask for personal details for security, the key one being your date of birth, not a problem or is it?

It is a massive problem for you, as soon as you reach 55 the junk mail increases, at 65 it gets worse at 75 you are besieged by mail, phishing emails and phone calls for everything under the sun.

None of them would ever admit to selling on your details, but they represent serious money to the company with your details, residential or commercial.

Do not give out your date of Birth to any company that you are about to have a supply contract with.

EON and Age UK, have just been exposed with a cosy deal worth millions to EON and boosting Age UK’s coffers by a supposed £3,600,000.00, if the press stories are correct.

Part 2 will follow next week. (The real Rip Off)

Potboy Senior

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