How to buy an Inn or Pub

Pub essential advice on, How to buy an Inn or Pub, Bar or Bistro.

The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub

“The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub” is available to buy as an Ebook through and their associated outlets worldwide, priced at $5.99 or UK currency equivalent about £3.78, the reason that we have done this, is to hopefully access a larger audience before they commit to buying a pub and make them more streetwise and limit the failure rate in the UK with Pubs and Pub Leases. The most valuable commodities you have when running a business are time and money, if this ebook’s information saves you both, the cost of the ebook is minimal. You can read part of the book on Smashwords free, so that you know whether the information suits you, the aim is not to make money but to stop people from buying businesses without doing in depth homework. My colleagues and I are fed up with trying to help people who are in serious trouble without doing the research to ensure that they buy the business that fits their talents.

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USE Number One,  All small businesses struggle for reliable information and sources of information, mainly because they don’t have the time or reliable contacts.

For the last few years we have been providing information for the many small businesses in trouble, and general advice using a number of professional volunteers, who gave their services free. MORE  (please click on More for Details)

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We also have a Business Check List on Takeover Day More (please click on More for Details, all the things that you need to check, on or before you takeover a business, sadly there are very few courses that give you this sort of information in depth, as a number of us know, almost to our cost.

8 thoughts on “How to buy an Inn or Pub

  1. Peter Edgar

    I make this observation without carrying out any research into the cost of Leasehold or freehold propety in any geographical area of the country. It is my belife that to buy any existing licensed oropety should be approached with caution and Pub Co`s in particular.
    The new Licencing Laws make getting a Premises Licence much easier than ever befor so why not consider some of the numerous properties on the high street and elsewhere at a commercial rent without the Brewery or Pub Co ties.
    Tim Martin showed us the way long ago.

  2. Dean Kehagias

    I have been involved in the industry for over 10 years and I have found this guide an excellent eye opener. I am from Australia and will be moving to the UK early next year with the hope of buying my own freehold shortly thereafter. This advice will help me massively and the good thing is that it is all free. I am sure you couldn’t pay advisers/brokers/accountants/solicitors etc to give you half of what is contained. Fantastic stuff and well done!

    1. steve fletcher

      Hi,Im in oz and looking to buy a licensed premises here.Were you in the pub industry here? If so,does the info contained in this guide have any relevance to oz conditions There doesnt seem to be much in the way of guides here.

  3. Editor

    Hi Steve, the information is common sense business advice and hopefully will apply worldwide in the main.
    The serious variation will be individual countries licensing laws where they apply, Oz and the UK are similar from my information,Oz may be slightly more lenient.
    Please email us with any information that may assist anyone and we will be delighted to publish your article with a credit to your business, when it is up and running, if that will help.

  4. Chris

    The issue with a dream occupation is that they’re often impractical. Running a pub may seem like a very attractive occupation but it’s too easy to forget that it’s a business. It’s not just having a laugh with the punters and pulling a couple of pints, you’ve got to find beer suppliers, deal with troublesome and/or drunk punters, you’re at quite a risk of robbery etc.

    Personally I think it might be an idea to work in a pub before you look into owning one yourself.

  5. Ben Zagorski

    Currently looking at taking over my local pub.

    My partner and I have always said we take up a pub at some point but we’re a bit ahead of ourselves with this opportunity although still looking at it with serious intent.

    It is with a Pubco but this guide has helped me to understand the amount of due diligence required before committing to an agreement and I will definitely be seeking independent specialist advice before proceeding.

    Thankyou for taking the time to write it.

  6. Max Haddit

    Anyone consididering buying a pub
    in the UK can forget all but one type of advice at this poin in time
    Psychiatric.Unless they have been in a coma for the past three years.

    Once a fortnight Max

  7. K Gurung

    I have a couple of opportunities for tenanted pubs in the Lake District Area. Ideal for motivated entrepreneurs who would like to own and manage their own business.


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