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Brulines Explained

For those who do not know what Brulines are, it is a beer monitoring system installed by many Pub Co’s. Having had lunch with a Brulines Representative a few weeks ago, the company has some concerns about the interpretation of the alleged flow data. Certain companies are using the data to claim that lessees are […]

Brulines System

Please note some of us are doing our best to help all the struggling licensees and if we can make it better and prosperous we will be delighted. Having read and listened to the Select Committee Enquiry into Pub Co’s. One issue that has raised it’s head is Brulines. This policing operation on beer sales, […]

Brulines the Continuing Saga

The Weights and Measures have finally arrived and investigated a number of pubs at this moment of time, the results are restricted until they have been reappraised because the intial findings have caused apparent concern as to the accuracy and possible legality of the system. To quote, the lessee has declined to be identified for […]


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