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Always have everything in writing (Barrel Dregs)

Always have everything in writing (Barrel Dregs) Please note, access to this site is totally free if you would like to subscribe (No Charge) on www.buyingapub.com, they are free to be read for your guidance and aimed to help you get through a time of considerable pressure and demand. Barrel-Dregs has been run for many… Read More »

Pub Co BDM’s make it up as they go along, (Barrel Dregs)

Pub Co BDM’s make it up as they go along (Barrel Dregs) I referred a Pub Co lessee to a colleague of mine, because he was being pushed to a rent increase. Ignoring the interim discussions, except that there was justification for a rent decrease. My colleague received a phone call from the BDM saying… Read More »

Scrooge lives after Christmas, Pub Co’s screw struggling lessees.

One of the larger pub co’s is taking a serious approach to the falling trade throughout their estate, they have taken pity on their poor lessees and those in trouble are being offered a rescue package to help them through. They will reduce the rent, possibly give some discounts on their supplied products, wonderful??? But… Read More »